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Originally Posted by aReclusiveMind View Post
Flak certainly needs some love. I like of the flak arcs as long as it can be aimed ahead of time. The vast majority of the time the missiles I am concerned with are behind my ship. Having to aim on each individual missile and fire multiple shots to take each one out, all while waiting for too long of a cooldown, makes flak a chore and unpleasant to use.

I'd love to see flak earn a spot on my ships.
I think you are using flak well below your level (or rather, the enemy level) if it takes you more than 1 shot to kill a missile.
Also as mentioned before you don't actually have to aim at a missile yourself, it already does that for you.

That said, flak definitely could use some love.
I like the idea of setting it to auto-repeat / have it work more like a cloak.
I don't really like the flak-field defense suggestion, that would make it OP and require its energy usage to be increased by a lot (on par to what your main weapon would use at the least).

As i've mentioned elsewhere i do like the idea of flak being useful against mines (or alternatively to have a minesweeper introduced).
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