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Testing it more on the latest version, so far no issues. It makes everything so much easier! I'm really liking the font. Only thing I would like better is to somehow make "Item value" very easy to see. It's something I wouldn't mind being bigger like it is in vanilla, but even in vanilla I would have liked it to stand out even more (even for low value items), because when sorting through extra junk, it's the only property of an item I make time to look at.

Though, I can probably go without having the value only getting bigger, the higher the value the item is, like it is in vanilla (and I think that's how you have it, from what I can tell), or maybe still have that aspect but make it less exaggerated than it is in vanilla. In my personal preference, I just wish it was always big, or could stand out in some way like DPS and Armor seem to.

I don't if value could be more bolded, underlined, or the color could be more in your face or saturated like the DPS/Armor value. Sorry, seems like I'm not completely sure what would make it easier for me to see, and I'm asking for you to make it so

Maybe I can somehow try tinkering with it myself, to offer a better idea.
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