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Default Few questions that guides didn't answer

Hi there, i play soldak games since din's curse but never registered to the forum.
Recently i bought (for the second time cause i lost the activation code of my older copy) drox operative - AND zombasite but let's go back to the topic - but i can't remember some mechanics, stats distribution expecially. It's been some years ago after all...

To make it short, like often if not always happen with soldak titles, classes grant passive bonus linked to stats and drox isn't an exception, utopian ships boosts your computers stat attack rate , cortex eingeneering and computers etc..
Due the huge variety of components i find myself spending points outside my "spec", because i need some helm for that cool new engine, or tactics for fusion beam or whatever : Should i just try to spend points focusing on my mayn stat and just rely on gear and crew stats boosters (late game wise)? Or spreading stats a little bit is alright?

Teach me how to use the force.

Cheers everybody and soldak for delivering such fun games.

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