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Indeed @Destro*, there is no skill tree per se in Drox 1.

I'd like to, in a more friendly and snark-less manner: respectfully point out that I said skill tree is an "aspect" of diablo/RPGs. I referred not at all to Drox in that statement.

Continuing on to hopefully encourage actually helpful additional commentary:

The RPG "skill tree" aspect, as expressed in many, many RPG or action-RPGs, in the way in which a player shapes their character to gain specific passive/active skills over the course of their campaign.

The "skill tree" aspect of Drox might be the character point attribute-weighting. I gain passive "skills" when I reach a certain number of points. The min-maxers create "character builds" basically, by reaching certain attribute milestones. Powerful passives come along with that "tactical command" dreadnought ship. The active skill tree aspect is expressed in the items, crew and race picks (I might be missed some other components to the "skill tree" aspect). I've gots me a stealth/standoff missile class "character" today. Tomorrow I re-spec that character, essentially, by changing up these aspects.

RPG gamers want to know how they "build a character" or how a "class" is expressed, among other things. I'd want to somehow communicate in my marketing that Drox 2 is about character builds too.

My initial impression of the video is very much about the spaceship and space combat. But Drox 1 is also an action RPG. We need to sell that point to new players who may have skipped over Drox 1 because it doesn't appear to have the action RPG aspects that they want.

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