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@Destro??? O.o

You are on a game forum site interacting with People Who Care. This one isn't my bad.

If I call you out directly in the self-same thread, and also use excessive punctuation and goofy eyeballs to show my incredulity, to emphasize that you are clearly wrong or lying intentionally: That's nothing other than a call for "come at me bro".

Though seriously I'm sorry that the phrase "actually helpful" triggered you into interpreting the rest of the continuation as being snark filled. That honestly wasn't my intention and I've edited my post to move the line indicating where I responded to you in kind.

All done. If you leave it be, I will too. Starting now.

Continuing on for the broader audience. The rest of the previous post was trying to explore ideas to pull the more generalized action RPGers into the game and not just the pure space cadets like myself who've been playing Drox on/off since 2012. Sound off!
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