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One thing I didn't like about Din's Curse was that, in spite of the dynamism of the game's world, it was far too random, and problems that arise are too abrupt. While it creates a "panic timer", I never got a real sense of graduation. Ultimately I felt very detached from the game.

As an analogous comparison, enemies from 4X games keep me on my toes, because I know with certainty that there is no randomness involved on their part. Their behaviour and actions have a certain predictability and consistency. You will hear from them quite often, and you will be able to observe their movements. There's no plot device abruptly appearing in the form of some text to propel you to run in the perpendicular direction. You always get a sense that the universe is perpetually in some form of activity.

I suppose it's likelier to get detached from DC too because it's really difficult to see the events in motion when the town-dungeon structure is vertically linear and you don't actually visualize the world's structural mobility. Hopefully it will be easier to fuse the visual with the dynamism in Drox Operative :P
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