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I am an altaholic but I managed to boil down my preferences to 5 characters. A lot of the skills are nice on paper but I hate them when I use them. For example, I hate pretty much all of the Fire Mage tree, except I really like Fireball. So, by process of elimination of skill trees or individual skills within a tree, I boiled down to these 5 hybrids:

Ice Mage / Necromancer
Fire Mage / Necromancer
Archer / Necromancer
Necromancer / Trickster
Paladin / Assassin

I think you'll see a trend here. For the first 3 characters, I picked Necromancer just for Soul Harvest, or whatever the innate is called that gives mana back upon foe death. I have decided with the Archer/Necro to raise skeletal archers to hang out with me, and its kinda cool. But mostly I pick Necromancy just for the nice mana recovery without needing to spend any skill points.

For both my Ice Mage and Fire Mage, I started with other hybrid combos (Ice/Druid, Fire/Healer) and played them both to level 10 then used my money to try out all the skills and I discovered I hated all the Ice Spells except for Ice Storm. I also discovered I hated all the Fire Skills other than Fireball (tho Sweeping Flames is almost OK). Then once I knew what I liked I deleted them and made my real characters. Ice/Necro to pump Ice Storm and use Soul Harvest for mana recovery, and then Fire/Necro to do Fireball plus mana recovery.

I have noticed the Ice/Necro has some problems vs elites and bosses because I have to cast Ice Storm literally 30 times and kite them. They usually kill me once or twice. The Ice Blast single target attack just packs no punch so it didn't help. Otherwise, I love the Ice/Necro a lot.

For the Archer/Necromancer, I made this combo specifically because the mana-on-kill innate of the Necromancer (is it Soul Harvest?) covers the cost of Multishot, at least for non-elites and non-bosses. Also, conceptually, its been fun to summon Skeletal Archers to hang out with me and shoot bows. I havent tried any of the other Archery spells yet, and I may not, just because I tend to prefer to specialize, and I really like the feel and mechanics of Multishot.

For my Necromancer / Trickster, this is the one Necromancer intended to actually somewhat heavily use the Necromancer abilities. I tried Necromaner/Thief first, but I realized that Necromancer / Trickster fits better conceptually. I didn't take this combo for Soul Harvest. I took it because this is a concept character which re-creates an old GURPS Necromancer / Thief I used to play in a tabletop GURPS rpg. I made Necromancer / Thief first due to the name, but I looked closer and realized that Necromancer / Trickster matches my character more. My old GURPS character was less of a traps / locks / poison / gadget type character. She was more of a Stealthy type. So Necromancer / Trickster it is. I basically sneak up, kill some stuff, turn them into undead, then run around the corner and stealth again while the undead mop up for me (or I can return to assist). Its kinda fun.

Finally, I made a Paladin/Assassin simply because I liked the juxtaposition of a "good" character class with an "evil" one. I'm not sure how good this one will really be, but she is fun so far. I tend to prefer passives on melee characters instead of these huge mana-sucking special attacks moves. I also don't like the whole assassin mechanism of their special skills requiring distracted enemies. I'm also not really into the shield bash type stuff. So, I may be skipping the best stuff from this hybrid combo, but I can't help what I do and don't like. So far I have 1 point in each of: Mail Armor, Stunning Blows, Crushing Blow, Shield Mastery, Deadly Aim, Precision, and Charged Strike. I plan to stick with only those skills. I really like the Frost Nova effect on Charged Strike. I also like how quickly the Crushing Blow chance seems to go up with increasing skill points. Now that I have 1 point in each of my go-to skills, I will start working on Crushing Blow and Charged Strike (Frost Nova). Maybe I'll get each of them to 5 points, and then throw some more points into Deadly Aim and Precision if I need them.

Do you think these characters will all work? I'm an altaholic, so none of my characters are very high yet (the Paladin/Assassin and the Ice/Necro are the only ones over level 9, and just a bit).


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