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Default PC freeze deletes game settings and corrupts character/ship data.

Just had my PC lock up on me while playing Drox Operative and in addition to deleting/corrupting my current character the config data was also lost. I had to reset graphics options and control changes.

Trying to load up my now "level 0" ship in its old sector crashed the game, and in a new sector it has, IIRC, no slots, crew, gear, or attributes. Oh, yes, it's name is now -0 or 0 in the new sector (was named Beatrice so that's a bit off the mark), hostile NPCs ignore it, and bombs don't damage it. Things get even more odd on save & exit. Reloading that save results in the fog of war being reset, experience being set to 0, help messages popping up again despite being disabled, and yet explored planets are still explored and dropped loot is still floating in space.

All in all it's rather interesting, but not worth the cost of losing the ship I was having fun playing around with or the nicer components and crew members it had on it.

Just noticed something even more annoying than losing the ship, I lost the shared stash as well.

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