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To Shadow: I know you weren't trying to nerf mages. I'm not mad, that's why I'm testing the beta patch this time and reporting any bugs or balance issues I see.

To Bosanac: How much Mana/Mana Regen are you getting per point of Int with that hybrid? And how much HP per point of Vitality? That will help me decide proportions. For my pure Wizard, I'm going 66% Int / 33% Vit. I only leveled Dex a bit first because I couldn't wait to use my -60% (now -53%) cast time staff, but you'll be able to wield appropriate level staves just by drinking a Dex potion.

As for gear: Mana Regen, and either -% cast time or crit. I'd really love Fryse's Blue Ring (+150% crit) if someone could trade me, I've got really good stuff to trade . I look for good, balanced Uniques, but I also look for gear with high Mana Regen on it, and I wear a combination that grants me about 50 Mana/sec (bottom of 2nd page of Character screen). For balanced gear I'll list my stat priority from highest to lowest: Mana Regen, Int, +Max Health/Vit, +Max Mana, Resists/Armor, Dex.

Early on, you'll want to save your balanced gear and wear just Mana Regen until you get about 50/sec, but what you should keep your eye out most for is -% cast time gloves or staves. Those are the only two slots with that stat, so look at all cloth gloves and staves, even greens into your high levels. The best +% crit gloves only give +75%, so I'd go cast time for gloves for sure, but crit is a viable alternative when it comes to staves. At 50/sec, you can spam almost forever, and it'll fill back up in no time. I vary rarely drink any more; usually just when I face enemies that specifically drain mana.

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