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Originally Posted by TheRani View Post
Darkstone's character aging thing was a big turn-off for me, but it did a lot of other stuff in an interesting way. I don't think it's particularly Windows 7 compatible, but I think there are probably workarounds for that. It's very hard to find now, and more expensive than it's worth, really. When you start a new game, it has the same starting town every time, but it randomly chooses a number of areas from a list of possible areas and stuck them together, connected by wilderness. Each area would have its own dungeon and quests, and once you finish the quests in an area, you'd get one of the 7 gems you needed to collect in order to fight the boss and save the world. The list of possible areas it randomly picks your areas from for your game is not nearly long enough, so if you play often enough, you'll experience a good bit of deja vu. And because of the stupid character aging thing (characters age at a ridiculous pace and you have 2 of them, and yes, you can lose stats from aging, and even die of old age), you'll be praying that the fountain of youth quest area pops up as often as possible.
Yeah, I looked into it more and found out it's locked at 640x480 (shame because it's in 3D) and it would look really bad on my monitor, which is actually my TV (no room for a desk in our tiny apartment). I also wasn't aware of this aging thing, it doesn't sound particularly fun.

No, after searching and trying I've come to the realization that for the moment, Din's Curse is the only game of this style I'm able to enjoy. Guess it raised the bar too high.
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