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Originally Posted by Jorlen View Post
Fate I played to death, and Torchlight I can't seem to get into for some reason. I figure it's just not the right time for it. Or maybe I played too much fate and Torchlight is too similar...
In fact the games are very different even if the designer of Fate brought into Torchlight many design idea. In fact many design coming from Fate have been made very different in Torchlight. And strangely for most of those Fate idea they work less well in Torchlight. Here some example :
  • The pet system is very similar in both games but in fact hugely different. In Fate pet morph can allow you use the pet as a major fighting tool, in Torchlight there's much less morph and those stronger are far to be as efficient than those in Fate.
  • There's almost everything of the gem system of Fate alas Torchlight tried make it deeper by adding a gem crafting but this point destroy the whole system and make it boring.
  • For the fishing system I prefer the mini game version in Torchlight but the rewards from fishing don't work very well when in Fate the fishing results are much more rewarding even if overall the system can break some balance, for example you can start the game with a ton of gold by fishing in town and with a bit of patience but not that much.

But Torchlight is also much more than a remake of Fate, there's a huge difference, Torchlight has a great class skill system and the main Fate spells, when Fate has no real skills. But the main point is how interesting are many skills designed in Torchlight. It's much more than buffer, damages or defences increases, long range or short range attacks, elemental attacks or resistances. There's a lot of nice skills adding a lot to the fun of the action. Here some example:
  • Stampede: It makes you do a fast forward movement on a short distance and you bash everything on your path and knock back enemies. It is great to reach faster an enemy, or make a quick flee to escape a dangerous situation.
  • Slash attack : You make a slash in front of you and you hit everything in range and inside that half circle in front of you, not need to aim a precise target. It's a great tool to dispose of a large number of enemies in your range. It is easy to use because you don't need aim but it requires more than just hit the attack key because it's only the half circle in front of you. A variation is that many weapons can have a knock back effect and this add a lot to this attack.
  • Shadow Armor: A shadow warrior envelop you and attack if anything is in range. It's not the classical retaliation attack, going near something is enough to make the shadow attack this something, so you have a simplified control of those attacks but still have one, it's where you move.
  • Entropic Aura: It's a more classical design as it's an aura but it's effect is to slowdown anything in range of the aura and that's much more fun than many other aura design.
  • Chain Vortex: It's a slow attack with a giant sword summoned only for the attack. The range is longer than standard weapons but the attack is slow, so it's a great tool and it's quite more than pure damages change.
  • Titan Stomp: You make a jump and when you fall on ground all enemies in range get hurt but also get knock back somehow, it can be a great tool for managing crowds but also to get some free space in a bad situation, enough so you could escape.
  • Ember Lance: It's a beam attack that go through obstacles but also through enemies, it can be tactically huge.
  • Ice Shock: Have a chance to freeze the target and foes around it.
  • Ember Bolt: No need to aim, throw three bolts in front of you hitting close targets in front of you and with a knock back effect, great to attack and push back a little closer enemies.
  • Ember Phase: You teleport on a short distance and do damages around you at start position and at arrival position.
  • Ember shock: Hit a target and target close around it and stun them for a very short time.
  • Ricochet: Throw a projectile than can bounce through obstacles and pass through targets, there's ton of application, like hitting multiple time a target with bounces, use the ability to pass through targets to hit multiple targets in a line, shot in corners and more.
  • Explosive shot: It's a sort of mini rocker launcher effect. Combined with a weapon with knock back, it's a funny one.
  • Seeking shot: Three missiles are thrown, and each seek a target.
  • Stab: Brutal move forward attack with a knock back effect. A variation of Stampede for another class.
  • Devouring Trap: A trap doing no damages but make damages to armor of opponents set in the trap.
  • Many more.

Even if Fate has a bit more spells, Fate is far to offer those skills and the point is how many are very interesting because they are more than buffer/damages/chance to hit and many offer special tactical possibilities.

Another major point is the general design of monsters that give you time to react. For example many missiles are very slow and you can really dodge them and that's very fun. For example in Din's Curse missiles tend be too fast and don't let you much opportunity to dodge them apart by anticipating with movements but that's a lot less fun than dodging is.

I'm always surprised each time I see someone who have played Torchlight and haven't see all the possibilities and diversity in the action that no other similar game have and from far (Diablo 3 will most probably have this depth but Diablo 2 doesn't have this as deep and diversified). That said Torchlight hasn't a design fully polished and if the fights are a lot more fun than in Din's Curse or Fate, both games have qualities making their action very fun, a bit less for Fate and a bit more for Din's Curse. But both games would be significantly improved with most skills of Torchlight.

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