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Hey guys. Here's the problem: Shadow makes some balancing tweaks, which we then test. But there aren't that many of us, and we each have characters of different kinds at different levels (and with different items). As our characters go up in level, they become good for testing a specific level but not another. That means we don't really get to test how effective the change was, and we miss remaining imbalances or even worse -- new imbalances that were created by the changes.

My suggestion is this: let's create a testing framework. We'll unite our characters and save them on this thread at their current levels (and as they advance) so they can enable further testing. We'll post characters of different types at different level intervals, so we can all check how the game is for different classes at different levels. If someone detects an imbalance, he/she can state which testing character had the issue and at which level, and others can test it. Just remember that test characters that don't belong to you are not your characters to play with online, since that wouldn't be nice Testing with a character should not require more playtime than is needed to go up 1-2 levels (at most). Once you're done, you can re-download the old version of the character again so it's ready for further testing.

I think it's a good idea to post your original character every 15 levels or so, as that gives a good spread of levels. We should also post by need: if you see a conjurer class is already posted, there's no need to post your own unless your level/skill-set/item-set is substantially different than that of the already-posted character.

What do you think???
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