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Default Accelerated Play

If you just want to playtest more than play, here's the changes to "accelerate" game play. I didn't change the # skill or stat points you get per level, just made it faster to level up and faster to "hurry up and wait" while opening chests or identifying items. I basically just did this to save time. Hope it helps!

XesSystem overrides GameSystem

	MinIdentifyTime			0.25
	BaseIdentifyTime		1.0
	IdentifyTimeIncreasePerLevel	0.25
	MinChestOpenTime		0.25
	BaseChestOpenTime		1.0
	ChestOpenTimeIncreasePerLevel	0.25
	BaseXpNeededEachLevel	1000.0

	XpMultEachLevel1	1.25
	XpMultEachLevel4	1.125
	XpMultEachLevel6	1.075
	XpMultEachLevel11	1.05
	XpMultEachLevel21	1.025

	BaseReputationNeededEachLevel	1000.0

	ReputationMultEachLevel1	1.25
	ReputationMultEachLevel4	1.125
	ReputationMultEachLevel6	1.075
	ReputationMultEachLevel11	1.05
	ReputationMultEachLevel21	1.025
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