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My problem is my ego. Admitted, right up front. I come up with an idea of a character, I play that character with that personality/motivation in mind, and I become "attached" to the character. When you grow with the character, you figure out how to combine spells/skills in a certain way, you aim for say item/magic find vs. armor, or high resistances, or whatever when you choose items.

Picking up someone's level 60 character and running with it will NOT convey -- to me -- how that character is balanced. I didn't choose those skills, and I didn't arm them. I don't have 60 levels of experience with them. So how do I know how well they play? It's going to be more work for me than just 10 minutes of playing with that character to really get a feel for them.

The way I'm doing it, I can bring the character up to 60 then drop the "cheat" and actually play the character through some number of levels of a dungeon at their level. Then I can do it again at level 75 & 90. It's not a bad idea to snapshot the character now at like level 32 also, and again around 45 -- that part of your idea i like, and I wouldn't mind sharing the character/build for others to take it for a stroll. But we all have different playing styles just like I have a dvorak keyboard layout and have my hotkeys set up a certain way.

The question isn't whether someone can come in cold-turkey at level 45 and clear a room with this character. The question is whether someone playing them who has played them for 45 levels can clear a room without it being TOO easy OR too hard. I don't play for speed. I'm not a button-masher (too much RSI for that!). I'd rather play smart than play hard. If someone prefers hacknslash/button mashing/real-time gaming -- then my character builds wouldn't be for them.

So here's this character: "Sauron" pure Conjurer. Blatant plagiarism. He summons his ring wraiths, raises dead big powerful things as his allys, posions the room, and has a whirling wind with a big red eye in the middle of it. He couldn't give a squat about that piddly god Din, but he's kinda in a no-choice position at the moment -- so he's going to play along, just like when he gave the pretty rings to the elves, and make nice-nice with the townsfolk so he can build up their trust while he amasses his power -- then he's going to take them down as an inside job -- and rule the world. Muhahahah! [if you don't know Sauron's back-story, plod through Tolkein's Silmarilion]

Attached: Sauron Level 34 Conjurer. His items may be more powerful than they should be -- accidentally bumped up their stats. :/
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