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Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
The Humans declare war on the Brunt. I honor my mutual protection pact, and (auto)declare war on the Humans. The Dryads honor an alliance with the Humans and declare war on me. The Brunt honor an alliance with the Dryads and declare war on me. Wait a minute…I got INTO this war to honor an allegiance to the Brunt… why are they at war with me now? Because I was trying to protect them… 1) Why would Drox High Command do this idiocy? (I assume it's them, because it is not ME…) 2) Why would the Brunt break a pact with me where I'm the only faction helping protect THEM against the humans who just declared war on them? 3) Why didn't the Dryads break their treaty (alliance) with the Humans for the Humans going to war with the Brunt? They were allied with both... And 4) Why didn't the humans think 3 times before potentially pissing off the Dryads (their allies) by going after the Brunt (with whom their ally is allied?)...
Finally managed to finish this sector with a Legend win. Nearly the whole time, humans are at war with me & Brunt, and everyone(!) else has an alliance (the other still being Dryad, who eventually became the top of the pack because of Brunt & Humans picking away at each other).

Here's what I don't get. Every time the Humans attacked Brunt planets/ships, the Dryads didn't seem to get pissy enough at them for beating on their ally. And when the Humans did so, vice versa. When I got the win, I went after the humans, who had 4 planets left in 1 system (Brunt only had 2 left).

First, since the Humans started the whole war, the Dryads should have deeply penalized their relationship with the humans severely for going to war against their ally. Perhaps even changing from Alliance to Non-Agression Pact. i.e. "We won't join this war, but we can no longer be your ally."

Then there's the penalties for actual combat & wiping out planets. If the humans went and started wiping out Brunt planets, the Dryads should penalize the Humans -- the Brunt are their allies. Same for the Drox Operative, except of course the races can't go after one of our planets.

I think the relationship change ends up being neutral -- a negative for going after an ally, a positive for helping an ally....because while I got a couple warnings from Dryad saying that the Humans were precious to them or whatever, I still had a great relationship with Dryad because I was helping out Brunt -- I got a few messages from Dryad for helping the Brunt as well.

In these situations, I think the allies should be paying attention to whom the aggressor is. I know when it's pure ship-to-ship combat, it's hard to determine... but if the Brunt are in a Human system attacking Human ships, or right next to a Human planet attacking Human ships, it's probably the Brunt. If the ship is attacking a race's planet, it's definitely the ship that's the aggressor. [Conversely, If I'm next to a Brunt planet attacking Human ships, I should get lauded for helping an ally -- not punished for hurting the Humans who are obviously attacking a Brunt planet!]

This would make the race relations more volatile, so the races should be more careful about waging war in the first place -- they should calculate which alliances they'll lose, and the chance that their aggression will cause them to have multiple enemies in a war against them. Brunt kept trying to make peace with the Humans, their view of humans was 50 at some point -- but the Human's view was 0.... So because they were at war, the Brunt kept picking off Human planets, even though they didn't hate the humans. Weird.

Some more aggressive races shouldn't care if they have to fight multiple races at the same time...and others should care more.

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