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When I drop an item out of my inventory into space, the label now says "(Identified)" after the component name. I'm assuming this was added to help distinguish items that you've picked up, looked at, then dropped from "new" items (which makes sense).

Items which did not require identification also say "(Identified)" in this circumstance, which isn't necessarily an issue, but it did strike me as odd.


In addition to my ballistics aiming comment above, I'm wondering how the "range" aspect comes into it now. If I miss the targeted enemy, the projectile can still hit a different enemy that is out of targeting range. A simple timer won't work since projectiles can be slowed. If it's switched to allow free aiming, perhaps the range should just be removed so ballistics effectively just become fast moving bombs without splash damage.


Another reminder about the icons in the minimap - things that are offscreen are not on the edge of the circle, which causes confusion. There can be a warp gate all the way across the system, and a nearby planet, but on the minimap the planet appears further away since the "offscreen" warp gate is padded in from the side.

This has been present since the beginning and hasn't been fixed, so is there a reason you're leaving it as-is (so we can stop bugging you about it if you're mind is already made up)?
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