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But that is the same for nearly every efficient built. You focus on the few good things the classes have to offer and ignore the rest.

take a look at the warrior class: it offers so many active attack skills, but only 1 is without doubt the best: cleave. put a few points in that, 1 point in berserk and exploit the animation of cleave.

let me explain this exploit further, hopefully it will get fixed some day...

you are wielding a weapon with 1 second attack speed and 100 damage per swing, no other dmg modifiers from str or skills. -> 100 dps
if you use cleave you will do 150 dmg because cleave has a time value of 1.5 seconds.
but the dmg is alrdy done after ~0.5 seconds. after the dmg is done you quickly do a berserk and the cleave animation will be aborted but the dmg is already done. immediatly cast cleave again -> repeat (you can use programs like autohotkey which help with the timing to optimize it)

that way you can do 150% dps in 0.5 seconds to 2 targets with the best melee range possible. that means cleave with 0% damage bonus is as good vs a single target as a normal attack with 300% dps bonus.

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