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Default Upcoming changes in version 0.801

  • moved Escape and Behind Enemy Lines scenarios to min level 5
  • now restrict monsters spawning in main town until level 5 (tons of people)
  • moved all protect town/clan scenarios to min level 5
  • fixed fire mold spreading uncontrollably (Etto/Cordell)
  • made dead trees fade out when in way again
  • hooked up female battle shout sound
  • fixed problems with Quills mutation
  • hooked up 14 new mutation icons
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 72
  • fixed highest quality settings option setting wrong shadows option (Charls Barkly)
  • turned off resolution change when clicking highest quality settings option (Charls Barkly)
  • vitality no longer mentions stamina (Dragonface)
  • NPCs that are considered "guards" no longer have insanity, happiness, or hunger penalties (Fulano)
  • fixed all old quick tips
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