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*New stuff*
  • This one has been poking around for a while and isn't a huge deal but I figured I'd mention it anyway, towns people seem to always spawn in at half health. I usually run around town healing everyone up to full in case of a big attack or such. (Etto)
  • I am in a pickle myself with this. I had a nemesis scenario and the nemesis is long gone, but there seems to be a rather large area with a very aggressive spawn rate of warring races. Due to the constant battles, my quest log is filled with dozens of heroes, and for every hero I kill, two more seem to pop up. The quest log doesn’t even pick all the heroes up. I have neutralized at least half a dozen heroes for whom there was no mention in the quest log. Maybe those were heroes that were not created by something that was related to my late nemesis. (MordaRazgrom)
    Question is: do I keep at it, or just abandon and start a new scenario? I can probably finish eventually if I fully explore and kill enemies so the respawn stops, but it would take a troubling amount of time. I am facing Dark Elves, and I am a frost/fire/healer nuker. Each Dark Elf has to be killed twice, once for regular, but they always come back as undead. There are so many fireballs and spells on my screen at once that my computer chugs a bit, and a couple of lucky shots and I die. I could do it, but I wonder if it is even worth it.
  • I just acquired a fear passive through mutation xp level. I haven't seen that happen unless I die a lot to a specific monster. Is it working as intended? Randomly becoming afraid of skeletons doesn't make sense to me. (Mandark)
  • i got a defense unit from another clan trading me but i dont think im actually able to use it - probably talking about guards (chesse20)
  • When I crash and I'm in someone's game, I can't rejoin because it shows as if I were still in the game. This means that the host has to restart every time I crash. Would really like a fix for this. (Mandark)
    does trying to join bump the time and make it harder to get in?
  • rescues come to town (if a town)
  • Fireball (Fire Mage) vs Holy Fire (Shaman). They are similar skills but Fireball is superior. Greater damage, explosion range, and faster cast. I suppose you could build around HF but I'm not sure why. HF is cheaper on skill points and that's about it. (Mandark)
  • Serrated Arrow (Hunter) vs Hunting Shot (Commoner). Exactly the same skill except SA has a status effect where HS does not. Why choose HS? (Mandark)
  • Ice Storm (Ice Mage) vs Hell Storm (Dark Templar). IS gives a status effect and a good one at that. Costs only one more skill point to start. You could use HS in a fire build, sure, but there are better AoE alternatives in the Fire Mage skillset. *Unrelated.. I'd really like to see a Meteor skill somewhere. (Mandark)
  • Arcane Swarm. It's a fun idea for a skill, don't get me wrong. The problem is that the targetting is terrible due to uneven terrain. This is one of the first skills I ever tried but I quickly found out that many of my casts were waisted mana because the missiles could not path to an enemy just a few feet away. (Mandark)
  • Concentration skills from Thief. My Plague Doctor build could use the Poison one but it doesn't seem worth investing in with a 4 minute reuse time and a 30 second duration. I suppose you could throw points into +skill effect duration but it hardly seems worth the hassle. The same could be said about any skill with a really long cooldown and short duration. I never select them. (Mandark)
  • I see. If that is the case perhaps dropping the +0 and only showing a number when it goes up, having just "(item) has leveled up" instead, as this has caused me to abandon equipment thinking it is bugged. (Nyithra) - talking about ego item leveling up but getting no damage/armor boost
  • can mutate with another player in multiplayer? need permission?
  • normal attack can only help combo get up to 50%
  • Din's Curse Infernal Abyss has lots of crystal sounds in background - pull this over?
  • Din should be in the game somewhere like DC?
  • didn't announce fight or that one of them died (or left town)
  • need to halve happiness changes and reputations changes
  • add relations button back to NPCs?
  • are reward chests from NPCs happening now?
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