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This is a list of skills that either need non-linear balancing aka they don't scale, or they have some other issues that I was able to pick up on:

Pure offensive skills
Charged Strike
Holy Bolt
Holy Strike
Holy Symbol
Life Burn
Holy Fire
Fiery Blast
Sweeping Flames
Arctic Shard
Frost Nova
Ice Storm
Shatter - needs nerfing. At least until people get used to using other skills
Arcane Blast
Arcane Swarm
Immolation Trap
Freezing Trap
Net Trap
Shadow Bolt
Dark Sacrifice
Bolt of Gloom
Bone Shatter - the status effect is linear
Chain Lightning
Ball Lightning
Viper Venom
Death Blow
Exploding Arrow

Shield Skills - Most of the shields have a linearly growing amount of HP which doesn't keep up at all with the monster damage
(EDIT: actually I checked again and that's not quite true. Only 1 or 2 have HP. Some others are still not good choices though.)
Holy Shield
Shield of fire - reflects back percent damage and raises resistance. Probably needs to go higher to be worthwhile.
Ice Armor - adds to armor linearly
Magic Shield
Energy Shield - reflects back percent damage and raises defense. Looks pretty good actually.

Miscellaneous Skills
Disarm Trap - I've seen it reported (in the DoP thread) that this doesn't scale well.
Armor Melt
Rupture Armor
Poison Arrow - the Poison Arrow status is linear
Bark Skin - armor boost is linear and insignificant in later levels
Nature's Revenge
Blight - already non-linear. Just need to check that it's enough.
Breech - has an armor component that's linear.
Wampir Blood
Inferno - already non-linear. Just need to check that it's enough.
Blood Sacrifice - may need to reduce self damage non-linearly because HP IS linear.
Gut - already non-linear. Just check it's enough.
Marked For Death - armor component is linear.
Curse of Pain
Block - I've seen it said that this needs a cooldown time of 5-10.

Summons - these will take me a while to calculate, because while they get a much lower level than you over time, they also get buffs.
Chaos Lord
Skeleton Archer
Raise Dead - The only truly powerful pet spell. Pick a pet of any level.
Ice Ward
LightningWard - are the wards useful at all? The stats seem very disappointing, but I've never tried them.
Circle of Protection - are these useful?
Circle of Power

Earth - not much use. Earthquake is the only affected offense spell. Crisses suggested that it should enhance poison as well.
Demon? - I can only tell after I do the math for summons.

Did I miss anything?

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