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My level 39 Thief/Druid, in a level 38 town, encountered one of these monstrosities yesterday. It was the "Superboss Grog," a giant undead wailer with 100% thorns and superfast regeneration. I tried various strategies to defeat it, but after dying about a dozen times I gave up. With a dex potion, I had about only a 12% chance of being hit by a level 39 monster. Grog couldn't hit me, but my own attacks would hurt me far more than they hurt him. I was one-shotted by the thorns at least several times. Maybe it would be a good idea to tone down the thorns a bit, or perhaps add upgraded projectiles useable by all classes at higher levels. Fire Bomb/Ice Bomb are pretty much useless at higher levels. And please do not reinstate the penalty for abandoning towns. Monsters like this make abandonment a necessity, and the multiple deaths already inflict a large enough penalty.

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