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Default Zombasite classes in Din's Curse

wish this could happen eventually - scouring the forums to see if any mods were available that ported them over, to no avail.

I purchased zombasite yesterday and [while it wasn't a bad game or anything] it just wasn't for me personally and felt like such a departure from the exciting dungeoneering of din's curse. I loved din's curse though so I decided to give zombasite a try (probably should have tried the demo first, but oh well lol) - going to revisit din's curse regardless; but, I wish I had deathknight and bard to mess around with since those classes looked pretty interesting and experimenting with different class combinations was easily the most fun part of the game for me (which is an element zombasite does retain, it's just that I prefer the way the persistent world events are handled in din's curse regarding the greater context of the game).
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