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Default Trade screen anomaly

Just started playing his game and it seems great so far. Really like the combination of 4X and ARPG, I've wanted to see something like this for a long time.

Anyway, I thought I would chip in with a weird anomaly I noticed on the trade screen. I have been using it to sell various things to my allies for whatever money they have available (I have no idea if that's wise). Since I don't have the patience for haggling, I start by putting my stuff on the left and all their money on the right. That works when they are poor, but not when they are rich. So then I ask for a counteroffer, which weirdly involves money on my side.

Sometimes the counteroffer makes sense, e.g. My random tech + my 800 credits in exchange for 1000 credits. Ok, I guess that's equivalent to selling it for 200 credits. I'll take it.

But sometimes the counteroffer is nonsense, e.g. My random scouting report + my 1200 credits in exchange for 1000 credits. Really? They want me to pay them to take my stuff?? That can't be right.
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