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Originally Posted by LordBlackangel

Strange Leveling/Tier Progression - At first level I can walk through all the levels of a dungeon with no issue. As my level progresses things get inordinately more difficult. At level 20 the first level of a dungeon is exponentially more difficult and the mobs become life threatening. As the monsters get harder, my character should be becoming more powerful. This doesn't currently seem to be the case. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy the challenge and don't want to walk over the enemies, but the progression of difficulty should be uniform throughout the levels. Has anyone else noticed this? Comments?
Around level 1 you also only have a small amount of monsters per floor compared to level 20 where you may have a dozen monsters every dozen or so feet. A couple of my earlier characters were crushed around level 20 with their inferior gear. Not sure if it's just luck or the updates applied but I am usually able to find one really good weapon that takes me through levels 15 - 20 with some of my current characters.

I do agree though the curve especially at normal still needs some work. If someone wants a tough as nails experience that is what champion and legendary are for. While I don't think the standard difficulty is insane under normal circumstances I do think the standard difficulty should have a smoother curve to it. I am also in favor of more toggles that generally make the monsters more difficult for those who are currently happy with the difficulty slide.

I would also recommend everyone to read Jeff Vogel's blog entry entitled "Make Your Game Easy. Then Make It Easier" from November 19, 2009.

If you don't like clicking forum-links you can find Vogel's blog at Spiderweb's homepage, just google spiderweb software and the blog is located at the bottom center of the homepage under quick links

Originally Posted by LordBlackangel
Cave-In's - I get the feeling that the rumble-to-fall time is meant to give the opportunity for people to possibly run away, but there is never enough time for that to happen. If you can see the imminent cave-in and you're not standing right on the edge, you're going to get slammed. Perhaps we can raise the time between when the rumble begins and the cave-in occurs? The damage is also an issue here. Getting smacked for a truckload of damage you cannot dodge or see coming is not conducive to an enjoyable gaming experience.
I enjoy the extreme damage from cave-ins since it also damages the monsters quite severely when they get caught in the cave-in . Although I am in support of making the 'safer cave-ins' mod an official world-gen toggle since there have been a few people who don't enjoy this.

Originally Posted by LordBlackangel
Mana-Steal Monsters - They seem overpowered; especially Dark-Elves by way of shear numbers. I don't mind fighting a lot of monsters, but fighting a lot of Dark-Elves involves a large expenditure of mana potions for the reward, making fighting them overly tedious. Perhaps make mana-steal a special attack (1 out of 5 attacks)? Opinions?
I agree with you, I feel the disciples/priests are not very fun to fight and are tedious since they all have the mana steal ability. I think a quick fix would be add more variety to their buffs so that every disciple or priest just doesn't have mana steal.

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