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Originally Posted by fab View Post
I think the money drop rate is messed up. I'm always running out of cash. You barely have time to destroy fire towers before half the village is dead, plus the plague, the prices going up, and the NPCs take forever to respawn.
I also feel like money drops are a little on the low side in DoP. I think the main problem though may be that potions are too expensive, as they are in DC.

Do fire towers attack the town? I haven't gotten to that.

On the other hand dropping potions and food would take the focus away from the village vendors. Which in turn would make protecting the town less of a gameplay mechanic.
Right. I think it should be increased a little, but really, as I said, food/potion prices should be lower. That would increase the vendors' importance.

* Reducing the respawn intervals on NPCs.
Not sure about this one. There should be a penalty for letting your NPCs die. And raids would become endless if NPCs respawned faster (I think).

* Reducing the death penatly. Yesterday I played all evening (at least 3 hours) and made level 33 to level 34, ridiculous. Eventually I had to resort to the Escape > Save and Exit strategy just like hardcore Diablo 2.
Was that because of the death penalty, or just because of the experience needed to go from 33 to 34? I think the experience requirements may be too high. The death penalty simply doubles the amount of experience you need.

* Random auras on bosses need to be toned down. +30% Life Leech + Major Regeneration... OK. +100% Damage Retaliation (thorns)... just silly. This game is not meant to be like Super Meat Boy and those insta-death platformers.
Yep. This definitely has to happen. I've already done a lot of this on DC though I probably need to do even more there. And it needs to happen in DoP, especially because bosses hang out together and become unstoppable.

The difficulty is way off the chart, because of the very bland and uninteresting Uniques, and the rate at which random quests spawn means you can never keep up.
Do you mean unique weapons and armor?

Also, which class are you using, and which class accompanies you? I find that this makes a huge difference because warriors are incredibly OP.
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