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Default Item Overhaul?

Chaff & flak, and all missile defense -- Escape Pods -- ?

First, does anyone use any of it and find it effective/useful/worthy? I'd love to hear from you.

I think any components that no one uses need to be looked at. So perhaps we should look at some of these items.

Are Escape Pods useful for Hardcore? They're worthless in normal mode. And that's pretty confusing as a new player, because often Escape Pods are the only light/green item that you find near the beginning of the game -- so you equip it. What a waste.

Missile defense:

I just tried chaff -- it draws fire but it does NOT draw the attention of the monsters. If it was useful as a distraction and the monsters spent their time homing in on the chaff it would be a momentary distraction during a race-for-your-life. It could work during planet attacks or defense -- drawing fire from race ships. THAT is something I could see using it for -- it's one of the few times you're in one place for long. Otherwise -- not worth an inventory slot much less being equipped. I guess they may also be helpful when you have a big fleet of ships, but due to my overheating issues I stopped trying for carrier builds...

Flak: missile defense that requires aim is not worth it. If flak were smarter, if it targeted closest missiles, or didn't require exact aim -- ok. But it requires more hand-eye coordination than the other weapons do. And is made redundant by many other more useful weapons. This leaves the Hive characters at a disadvantage, since flak is a starting race slot item. So if the items improved, yes. If the items stays as it is, it's a throwaway.

Decoys? I haven't tried them yet -- anyone?

What other items do you automatically discard or sell, without even examining the stats?

Oh, how about items that increase structure? Would you rather add armor or structure to your ship?
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