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I'll add an old idea I posted a while back for a 2nd expansion:
The big idea I had was rogue operatives.

Here's a little story: a group of operatives didn't exactly cotton to High Command's war profiteering ways. They broke off to form their own group with the intent of forging peace between all races across all galaxies. Since many Drox Operatives (*cough*Tuidjy*cough*) will start wars expressly for profit, the Drox are an enemy to peace, and an enemy to these rogues. If there is to be peace throughout the galaxies, the Drox Operatives must be eliminated.

Gameplay-wise, in each sector there is a chance that a rogue might appear. This rogue is an operative, just like you. It will complete quests (the same ones you get) in order to gain favor with the races. In my version, they spend all the money they make on rumors in an effort to get all of the races allied... against you. Because of this, it may be wise to eliminate the rogue before its influences become too much for you to handle.

But that may be difficult, as the rogue has a tendency to drop mines and run, rather than stay and fight. And if it manages to get to a jump gate, it'll be quite difficult to track it down again. Perhaps in time it will acquire escorts, one permanent escort from each race that is both allied with the rogue and at war with you. Once it gets a few escorts together, it will stop running and start hunting you down.

Those are just a few ideas, but the concept can surely be expanded upon greatly. The core concept (rogue element competing against you for quests, loot, and allies) should bring a little more Depths into Drox.

Another thing I'd like to see in a new expansion would be set items.
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