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Originally Posted by Arrhtheis View Post
Talking globally, we may see three patterns in Soldak games:

1. Depths of Peril (settlement/population management)

2. Din's Curse (dungeon crawling)

3. Drox (fast-paced ARPG with touch of 4X).

Zombasite is mix of 1 and 2, Din's Legacy is mix of 2 and 3 (?). So, logically, Drox 2 should be a mix of 1 and 3, i.e. it should take even a heavier 4X aspect while keeping ARPG basics Build your own space empire, develop your planets, conquer the other races' worlds, fight space battles and invade planets in ground battles, manage your fleet - while still keeping being a separate character with gear, skills and such.
With the cRPG component now tested for both fantasy and sci-fi, I wish Soldak focused on management/simulation component in future games.

I really, really, hope that one day I will see the game like Hinterlands or Legends of Elaria, where you will be able to manage your own place and your people but at the same time you will be able to go out questing and slaying dragons.

I am yet to see a decent execution of these combined ideas, even tho it should not be that hard. Guess this is one market niche that will never get filled...
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