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Another thing i noticed:

When a level is won and a new world is generated, NPC companions in the party will not (always) automatically rejoin the party in the next level (In this example i went from a "Chase" scenario to a "Nightmare" scenario but i noticed this before as well).

Two things seem to happen:
- If you happen to run into the NPC who was previously in your party and talk to them they will not offer an option to re-recruit them into the party. The dialogue and options seem to be the same as the ones available when an NPC is already in the party. (Though they are not in the party and will not follow the player)
- Saving and reloading the game fixes the issue (Irregardless if the NPC was found). After a reload the party is recreated and the NPC teamed up with in the previous level will be present.

And thankfully: This is a save and load related issue that is actually entirely reproducible.

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