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Originally Posted by Caal View Post
Strange Leveling/Tier Progression: when I first started playing, I did notice a difficulty peak around levels 15-25, which decreases after that, then becoming more difficult again after level 70 or so. Now being a grizzled veteran player, I found that using vendors and gamblers more aggressively early helps get better items more quickly, helping to overcome this early peak.
I don't subscribe to the belief that if you feel underpowered you simply need to hope for better drops/vendors. It's a development issue that apparently others seem to agree with and therefore should be fixed accordingly.

I do agree that the difficulty seems to be evening out a little better as I progress past 35 or so, but that could simply be because I'm finding better drops - which, as I describe above, is not the answer to an issue like this.

Originally Posted by Caal View Post
Money Drops: I sort of like the multiple cash drops. I think dead leprechauns use them as a revenge mechanism, since I was killed once by a monster that trailed behind leprechauns that I didn't see due to the large number of cash piles on the ground.
I disagree and think this is tedious, but I will concede that I never thought of it as a dying-revenge-type ability designed to mask the ground. This, however, only bolsters my belief that it should have a toggle.

Originally Posted by Caal View Post
Mana-Steal Monsters: one of the enjoyable things about this game is the uniqueness of the monsters, and part of the fun is figuring out how to deal with each one. Yes dark elf mages suck if you're a mana user, but not so much if you're not. Being attacked by a pack of amorphs sucks if you're a melee character, and not so much if you're a mana user with AOE.
I'm playing a fighter right now - but that doesn't mean anything in this context. All players use their mana to fight in some way or another (myself included). I've never seen a player rely exclusively on their regular attack and live. It's the fighters and rangers on my co-op server that seem to be bothered the most by this particular spamming special attack behavior. I think perhaps the issue might stem from that particular special attack being so fast. Perhaps lowering the speed at which their distance 'mana-steal attack' travels to the same as some other (flame/bow) throwers might alleviate this. Comments?
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