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Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
Ok, I have a level 41 trickster/hunter (last tested at level 41, dungeon level 50 Elite, Sleight of Hand 4, Stealth 10, hunter's Light Touch at 10) and I've logged a bunch of fun observations about both Stealth and Sleight of Hand which I use pretty extensively. I took this hybrid especially to be a covert-op agent. Works nice in multiplayer when I have to run around and activate a gate for the group, or go a few levels ahead to stop some nasties before they do something awful while the rest of the group trogs through knee-deep monster corpses.

That said -- first thing you do is take an experience hit. You can "win" the town quicker, but if you kill less critters, you get less XP. Period (except multiplayer when you get a share of XP). Sleight-of-hand does not give you XP for causing wars between critters. So it's great to clear a crowded tight hall so you can get by -- and it's rather amusing -- but on the XP side, sitting around and watching them kill each other does you no good. However, it's good to get them hurt so you can pick them off easily if that's your thing.
Ok, that is very good news for me. I have always wanted to try the sleight of hand way but never got good results from it. I might have to try that now. But the only problem is still that if you dont get experience from the monster wars that you are starting, it kind of cuts down on your experience. Its cool that you have a group that you play with that has you do covert op stuff, but for me, I dont. And if i went three levels lower, someone on the first floor might attack the town, which would screw me big time. There must be a way to eventually maybe add that whatever monster is killed with sleight of hand-the experience goes to the person that cast it. That would make sense and it would be fun too.

By the way Crisses, have you had any luck with jab? I got it to lvl 6 but didnt notice monsters attacking other monsters instead of me. It does fair damage but overall im not sure.
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