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Originally Posted by Jorlen View Post
- I usually like to snipe and creep around, but in this game I enjoy getting right in their faces
- I would like some decent defensive measures as well as some AOE spells for crowds
- I don't want to be paper thin / glass cannon

Looks like I have some experimenting to do!
My character right now is a Weaponmaster/Trickster. The Weaponmaster lets me use most armor (except plate). The Trickster gives me stealth and shuriken (a distance weapon. something I missed as a straight warrior). I put one point into the Trickster's smoke cloud (thanks to udm for the tip) so if I get surrounded, I hit the smoke cloud, go to stealth mode and sneak out of the area. My favorite trick is to sneak up behind somebody and bash him with the Weaponsmaster's Perfect Strike; I'm currently wielding an axe. If I one-hit kill them I don't usually lose my stealth.
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