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Default Multiplayer desync?


First of all, I want to say great job on the game, I have spent (way too much) time on it already.

One issue a friend and I have been experiencing however while playing LAN games (it happened repeatedly):

Although we could connect and fly around together in the starting area, sector related things would be out of sync (sector names, sector types, as well as layout on the map).

I would go to a given area, tell him the name - and he couldn't find it. I thought he was just playing with me - or being dense so I walked over to his workstation - and his map is completely different! different sector names, different layout, etc.

We flew side-by-side through a gate to another sector (so he wouldnt get lost)- worked fine for me, however his client thinks he is in a dimensional pocket (just a regular system for me) - which messes up his map and everything. We are still connected though, we see eachother's ships - just his client think's he's in a dimensional pocket as opposed to a normal area.

The only thing I can think of that could have a contributing factor to this (as I waited for a bit and searched to see if anyone had posted anything similar) is the fact that he's on the Windows version, and I am on the Linux version (both through steam).

Anybody ever seen anything similar to this?

Sadly - due to the fact that I waited before posting, I no longer have save files for the night we were LANing the game.
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