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Originally Posted by DogBoy View Post
One definite problem - the score bonus you get for killing all monsters seems to include monsters in secret areas. That means it's parasitic on the bonus you get for finding all secrets. It's almost like "find all secrets, get 50% score bonus" instead of two separate bonuses. Which is maddening when you have found nearly all the secrets on a large level.

I think it would be more enoyable if the "kill all monsters" bonus applied when you kill all non-secret monsters. I know this is harder to code, but it would mean all 3 score bonuses were completely independent.
We are fixing this for the demo and full game.

Originally Posted by DogBoy View Post
In the beta, there don't seem to be any time-based awards or quests, e.g. "complete this level in under 5 minutes". Might these be fun to include?
We did have some time based stuff in the game, but it was making people rush too much. I have gone back and made all of the time stuff work though, so people can create user adventures that have timed adventures that modifies your score.

Originally Posted by DogBoy View Post
One annoying feature was the way CTRL-click almost, but not quite, allows your character to attack while staying in the same place. This would be really useful when fighting near traps.
What doesn't work about it?
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