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Default White Boxes with red crosses on Mac


I bought Depths of Peril from GOG and installed it on my Mac. First it started up properly. Then I altered the option to a higher resolution, better textures and so on. When I restarted the game suddenly the main menu consisted of three white boxes with red crosses in them. The buttons are green. They light up when I point with the mouse cursor on them but and I can't click on them. So altering some options back is not possible ingame. Then I decided to uninstall the and reinstall the game but the problem presisted. I think there is a config file somewhere hidden which will not be deleted when I unistall the game. So I also tried to uninstall the game with the program AppDelete which should find all connected files with the game and delete them but it didn't work too. I don't know what to do next, where to find the hidden file or how to make a proper uninstall of the game. Please Help.
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