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PixelLord: How in the world do all those huge cargo bays fit in that itty-bitty ship!?

They are giant, not huge! But I am surprised that you are not familiar with the technology used. Hell, it's been around since medieval times. The ancestor of Squishy's captain used it to store 30 battleaxes in her knapsack, at the time of her troubles with that busybody Din.

Norari1977: it's quite impressive that you could survive no-command stats ships in HC.i always have many problem when my ships around level 30-50, it'll be much earier if i could reached over level 80 though.

Well, I don't always survive, you know. There have been at least half a dozen Command Zero challengers before Squishy. They usually die when a boss manages to land a blow before being debuffed. By level 40, Bosses can hit for 5,000. The worst I've been hit was 7,000 around level 70, so I assume that 10,000 may be theoretically possible. On high levels, you just cannot afford to let a boss fire at you.
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