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Default My thoughts

Gotten a couple of ships through a few sectors.

So far, it seems like the starting ship should maybe have one more heavy slot, or the command cost to get the fourth slot should be lower. It's essentially mandatory to have an engine and a generator in the heavy slots, which means only one weapon slot that's really usable in the early game.

Fighter bays really need to drop more often, maybe displace the endless pile of functionally identical lasers.

It feels like I can't do enough to influence relations between races. This is particularly annoying on my attempts at a legend victory.

The green plus symbol seems to appear virtually at random sometimes, though it is pretty good about identifying superior things.

Could the various "Obtain X for planet Y" quests mark the planet you need to take it to once you get the item?
Player: alright, everyone, we're off to kill Draaien, the orc lord
Recruits: yes sir
Other covenant: (player covenant) is weak. ATTACK!
more covenants: we smell blood in the water, ATTACK!
game: the guilded coin are raiding (player covenant) the shining blades are raiding (player covenant) the black raiders are raiding (player covenant) (player covenant)'s life stone is threatened (at 75%)
Player: *&%#
Draaien: hey, where did they all go?
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