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A couple of comments on your comments that may serve to clarify/help a little:

- There are weapons available for mid slots at a very early phase, including EMP blasts and mines. Having only one available heavy for weaponry is less of a handicap than you may think. If you enjoy having more than one heavy slot weapon, you might want to try flying a race such as Drakk, Brunt or Fringe. My current favourite ship is a Hive model with 0 points invested in command. I'm currently level 65, and I have three weapons equipped (granted, it was a personal challenge and hardly mainstream, but it's still viable).

- The green plus symbol is based solely off price. It's only really good for comparing items in the same rarity range, as higher rarity will skew the values substantially. In other words: it's mostly bull once you've gone past the first two hours of play.

- I soooo agree with your "obtain x for y" comment, and it was one of my first gripes too. Still hoping to see that fixed as it's currently the wrong way around.
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