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Originally Posted by (name here) View Post
The green plus symbol seems to appear virtually at random sometimes, though it is pretty good about identifying superior things.
I agree and still would like to see these + signs appear based on the components main stat (such as DPS for weapons, thrust for drives, max power load for power components, etc.). Or maybe at least make a toggle in Game Options to allow the player to select this as an option. The game is getting pretty close to release though.

Originally Posted by (name here) View Post
Could the various "Obtain X for planet Y" quests mark the planet you need to take it to once you get the item?
I thought this was already there. Once you obtain the quest item and hover the mouse over that item in your cargo bay, doesn't it tell you at the bottom of the highlight text the planet and system that needs that item? Maybe I misunderstand the point trying to be made here?
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