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EMP and mines are nice and all, but they're not really primary weapons. I want to be able to have multiple primaries, because they're viable in different situations. I do like the Drakk fighter bays.
I thought this was already there. Once you obtain the quest item and hover the mouse over that item in your cargo bay, doesn't it tell you at the bottom of the highlight text the planet and system that needs that item? Maybe I misunderstand the point trying to be made here?
I mean like how you get the green asterisk and mouseover text on the system name.
Player: alright, everyone, we're off to kill Draaien, the orc lord
Recruits: yes sir
Other covenant: (player covenant) is weak. ATTACK!
more covenants: we smell blood in the water, ATTACK!
game: the guilded coin are raiding (player covenant) the shining blades are raiding (player covenant) the black raiders are raiding (player covenant) (player covenant)'s life stone is threatened (at 75%)
Player: *&%#
Draaien: hey, where did they all go?
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