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Default 1.021 bugs

- Food prices icon flashes together with water prices. A water shipment has been lost, but I can't find any reason for food prices to be high. Attaching save.
- I suddenly got a help icon about bags out of the blue. Of course I dismissed the help system a long time ago.
- The scroll bar on the 'choose a gate to travel to' window looks really weird. It's stretched and has black blotches on the top and bottom. Something wrong there. Noticed it in my town which has 15 levels.
- The new quest icons on the mini-map are cool, except that... they make other dots on the map disappear. That's not so bad for NPCs, but REALLY bad when there's an invasion and I can't see where the enemy is because they're next to an NPC with a quest whom they're KILLING! Should either make the question mark reddish on a transparent background and exclamation point green on a transparent background, or just make the current versions transparent enough somehow.
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