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Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
- Food prices icon flashes together with water prices. A water shipment has been lost, but I can't find any reason for food prices to be high. Attaching save.
- The scroll bar on the 'choose a gate to travel to' window looks really weird. It's stretched and has black blotches on the top and bottom. Something wrong there. Noticed it in my town which has 15 levels.
I'm fairly certain that "plague" is raising the food price, not the water shipment. (Not sure if "ice machine" has an effect.)
(I recently watched a historical drama called "Dae Jang Geum". At one point there is a bad harvest due to a blight, so people were eating vegetables that were affected by the disease. Although the plant disease would not affect people, it would leave behind toxins in the food. Those people had food poisoning, which was being diagnosed as plague, until the heroine figured it out.)

The choose a gate window looks normal to me. I've attached an image, if there is something in particular I'm overlooking. (I'm also using a Mac, in case the the OS is making a difference.)
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