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Originally Posted by Bak View Post
I'm fairly certain that "plague" is raising the food price, not the water shipment. (Not sure if "ice machine" has an effect.)

The choose a gate window looks normal to me. I've attached an image, if there is something in particular I'm overlooking. (I'm also using a Mac, in case the the OS is making a difference.)
Didn't know plague could do that. I don't remember that from previous plagues -- I thought only poisoned supplies and lost shipments could do it.

Look at the scroll bar of the window. Scroll it up and down and notice its borders at the top and bottom -- a dark line and then a light line. Notice it's lack of sharpness and how stretched it looks compared to the other UI elements (for example the directional buttons). It seems like an overly stretched texture, and the borders also seem off from what they're supposed to be. A minor issue to be sure.
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