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Originally Posted by Max_Powers View Post
I think stealth in general could use some tweaking. It works both ways for the oddities.

I can be stealthed, use shuriken from a distance to open a locked door. Now, without ever even being in a situation where I could be spotted, the creautres come out of the room and seem to spot with eagle-eye precision. You can even be around the corner and as soon as possible they will spot you. Then there are the skeletons and zombies that pop up out of the ground that can spot you ever time while stealthed. Just doesn't make any sense to me.
Watch your "buffs" -- attacking a door in ANY way adds a modifier to your character lowering your surprise. So I attack by tossing immolation trap up over the walls and they STILL can find me, and I'm a U-turn around a wall away. This only seems to apply to doors. So I can set fire to barrels without this problem -- but if creatures get hurt by the fire/explosion caused by MY immolation trap, they know I'm around. But the other effect/bonus is if they die from it, I get the XP, so I'm not complaining there. There's uneven "tagging the cause of monster death" going on. I wouldn't mind getting XP for causing deaths with slight of hand -- not at all -- but I also think that's a potential down side to using it. Either I put in the final blow, or the XP is a corpse on the ground fading away. Oh and my "magic/item find" chances don't modify the kills of the other monsters too -- so less loot.
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