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Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
Watch your "buffs" -- attacking a door in ANY way adds a modifier to your character lowering your surprise. So I attack by tossing immolation trap up over the walls and they STILL can find me, and I'm a U-turn around a wall away. This only seems to apply to doors. So I can set fire to barrels without this problem -- but if creatures get hurt by the fire/explosion caused by MY immolation trap, they know I'm around. But the other effect/bonus is if they die from it, I get the XP, so I'm not complaining there. There's uneven "tagging the cause of monster death" going on. I wouldn't mind getting XP for causing deaths with slight of hand -- not at all -- but I also think that's a potential down side to using it. Either I put in the final blow, or the XP is a corpse on the ground fading away. Oh and my "magic/item find" chances don't modify the kills of the other monsters too -- so less loot.
Oppss! I forgot about this thread. I actually responded to this in the other thread. Regardless of the surprise penalty, I still think something is buggy.
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