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Just want to mention that I'm experiencing a rogue character for the first time, and now that I'm i the 10s, stealth is awesome. No longer can I run about the dungeon as I please. I actually have to avoid the monsters as much as possible, and creating noise does seem to increase my chances of being noticed. Stealth is actually incredibly well implemented in the game (at least in these levels. Hope it doesn't change too much as I level up). I have to run from one corridor to another, and since I'm not powerful enough to take on a bunch of monsters, there's real tension. I peek around corners and try using sleight of hand -- if I expose myself for too long their chances of spotting me seem to go up. The whole experience is excellent and reminiscent of the Thief games. This was a huge positive surprise for me.

It's interesting that thief works in DC SO much better than in DoP. DoP's completely open maps meant that you couldn't ambush small groups of monsters, or wait in an empty corridor peeking around the corner.
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