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Here are some more corrections for the tooltips in Drox' options menus :

Graphics Options :

- There's a missing comma after "numbers", and "[...],but better resolutions might be slower." should be "Higher resolutions might be slower." in the Screen Size tooltip.

- There's a missing comma after "slider" in the Gamma slider tooltip.

- There's a superfluous comma after "NPCs" in the Better Lighting tooltip.

- There's a comma missing after "new frequency" in the Screen Frequency tooltip.

- It should read "[...] how far away the camera is [...]" in the Zoom slider tooltip.

- It should read "Anti-aliasing makes the edges of things look less jaggy." and "The higher the number of samples, the better the graphics, but it might slow down the game." in the Anti-Aliasing tooltip. The reference to swords should be removed as well.

- It should be "a glowy effect" in the Bloom tooltip.

- There's a missing comma after "If you turn this off" in the Detail Models tooltip. (What exactly does this option do in Drox?)

- There's a missing comma after "slider" in the Minimap Alpha tooltip.

- It should be "you're having problems" in the Use Hardware Cursor tooltip.

- It should be "[...] most programs that deal with images [...]" and "JPGs" instead of "jpgs" in the Screenshot Type (which should be named Screenshot Format) tooltip.

- It should be "[...] the slowest ones as well." in the Highest Quality button tooltip.

Sound Options :

- It should be "This option chooses the device [...]" in the Sound Device tooltip.

Game Options :

- It should be "[...] above the player's ship" in the Show Player Health Bar tooltip.

- It should be "monsters", and "heads" should be removed from the end of the Show Ingame Health Bars tooltip.

- "show items on ground key" should be "show components key" in the Show Items Toggle tooltip.

- The tooltip for Show Combat Effects should read "Chooses wheter or not to display combat special effects." .

- "world" should be replaced with "planet" in the Show Names tooltip.

- It should read "[...] when the player is hit hard." in the Can Shake Screen tooltip. (My screen will shake on its own when I hit it hard, thanks )

- The tooltip for Show Clock should read "Displays a clock in the bottom right corner of the main game screen." .

- It should be "Shows the numbers [...]" in the Show Relation Numbers tooltip.

- "display" should be replaced with "appear" in the Tooltip Delay tooltip.

- "left top" should be "top left" in the Show Full Player Menu (which should be named Show Full Player Info) tooltip.

- It should read "[...] the first slot will still fill, if ever empty." in the Autofill Use Slots tooltip.

- It should be "[...] when you start the game" in the Play Intro Movie tooltip.

Multiplayer Options :

- Both "we"s should be replace with "you" in the Client Data Rate tooltip.

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