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I've been hovering over the 'buy' button for a while now, but I've made a resolution not to get involved with any more Betas, because the process of bug chasing and resetting saves and losing stuff tends to spoil the final 'experience' of the game...

With that in mind, I'm wondering if you have a rough idea of when Drox Op. will be 'done' - I'm not thinking of an exact date but a ballpark of "sometime this year" or "probably Spring 2013" or whatever?

I realise it's lovely to take the "it will be done when it's done" approach ((C) Blizzard) but once I hit 'Buy' I'll only get dragged into it and after some games I've pre-purchased/Beta'ed ran on and on and on (one is approaching 2 YEARS in Beta)...
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