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Originally Posted by Tuidjy View Post
Right now, the races are barely distinguishable by their ships' qualities and technology levels and not different enough in their approach to diplomacy. And the worse part is, they feel completely interchangeable, apart from the services they offer.
I've pondered on this too & can agree. I've also pondered on how the Scrounger Components got changed to Scavenger only.

I've pondered on having ALL Racial Slot Components become Race only Equips like the Scrounger Components, but that could cause an awful lotta grief for builds... for example, Fighter Bays only equipable by Drakk would be awfully selfish, & Power Plants equipable only by Fringe Ships would be an outright disaster.

So, a refined version of the above idea... Race Exclusive Versions of the Racial Slot Components that are perhaps x1.2ish stronger than non-Race Exclusive versions of the Components, equipable by both the PC & NPC Races. Examples: Drakk Fighter Bay Ships that are 1.2x stronger than the other Ship Models but only Drakk Players/NPCs can equip, (My Pulse Wings & Lightning Tyrax Mod Fighter Ships could handle this position if I could ever get them finished... RL keeps getting in the way of me even getting to work on the Mod... let alone my still needing to power up my Code Literacy... >_< ) 1.2x stronger Power Plants only Fringe Players/NPCs can equip... 1.2x stronger Armor & Shield Regen Components Dryad PC/NPC Ship Exclusive, etc. This could give the Races more identity without causing grief in options for Ship Speccing.

This could also mean that the Scroungers could regain accessibility for the non-Scavengers, but the current ones could be the Scavenger Racial Version of the Component & the other Races could only be allowed access to 1.2x less powerful versions of this Component.

This might entail a bit of Balance Testing, but nonetheless, how's this idea sound?

Oh, & I've always found it odd that some Races don't use their Race's Racial Slot Components... for example, why the buggers don't NPC Drakks ever use any Fighter Bays?

My 1 1/2 cents.

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