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Originally Posted by norari1977 View Post
- Destroy faction X
- Protect all of X's planets (really hard one)
- Ensure peace between X and Y (both have to exist, and you'll have to guard the diplomats of both sides)
- Ensure constant war between X and Y.
- Protect X
- Protect X, followed by protect Y (when Y is X's mortal enemy. It would be randomly chosen of course).
- Explore the entire sector (replaces a current victory condition)
- Reinforce the mighty image of the Drox (replaces the current fear victory condition)
- Ensure the survival of 3 races.
- Help X colonize 20 planets.
- Destroy 5 bosses.
- Reach system X within 10 minutes.
- etc

these random goal mission from Drox High Command will be interesting. i feel Drox High Command should have more importance on this game. i still love this sandbox style gaming though, it'll be nice to see another game mode too (it should call ranger mode or Drox High Command mode) like what you suggested.
Destroy 5 Bosses is typically ludicrously easy. The rest of them... do ya think we're all Sun Tzu!? O_0 We aren't all tactical gods... I'll never stand a chance at this game with those kinda objectives being in the game & being game over to fail...
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